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People with questionable pasts tend to prey on people that don't have the resources to determine if that person is, in fact, the person they claim to be.

A simple background check through our company will turn up many facts about a person's past.

The more important the relationship or responsibilities, the deeper it pays to delve into their past.

Package A                                                    Package B                                                    Package C 
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This package gives you what                        Package B expands the background                  Our advanced background check
you need to find out if a person                    check to include a Nationwide                            is specialied and varies from case
really is who they say they are.                    Criminal Database earch for                               to case.  We will charge on an
                                                                      felonies and misdemeanors in                           hourly basis, with the rate being
                                                                      all 50 states.                                                     $95 per hour, plus expenses.

- Bankruptcies - National Criminal Database - All of Package A
- Tax Liens & Civil Judgments           - Bankruptcies   - All of Package B 
- Property Ownership - Tax Liens & Civil Judgments                 - Confirmed Past Employment
- Vehicle Ownership - Property Ownership - Confirmed Past Address
- Possible Aliases - Vehicle Ownership - Confirmation on all of the
- Professional Licenses - Possible Aliases    relevent facts about the
- Address History - Professional Licenses    particular person that you need
- Possible Relatives - Address History  
- Airplanes & Watercraft Ownership - Possible Relatives After reviewing what needs to be
- UCC Filings - Airplane & Watercraft Ownership researched, we will provide you
- Iowa Sex Offender Search - UCC Filings with an estimate of the cost.
- Iowa Criminal Search - Iowa Sex Offender Search  
- Confirm or Locate Date of Birth - Iowa Criminal Search  
  - Confirm or Locate Date of Birth  

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