McDonald Services
Investigations - Consulting
Professional Services Offered
McDonald Services works with several other investigative agencies, both local and national to provide our clients with the best,
most effective results for their investigation.

We also work with other professionals with expertise in various other areas as necessary.

        Criminal Investigations                                                       Surveillance
            Felonies                                                                                 Workers Compensation Fraud
            Misdemeanors                                                                        Employee Fraud
            Drunk Driving                                                                      
            Drug Charges
        Civil Investigations                                                              Missing Persons                                                       
            Accident Investigations                                                           Local or National
            Wrongful Death                                                                   

        Domestic/Family Law Investigations                                  Lost Witness Location
            Background Searches                                                            Witnesses that have moved or
            Surveillance                                                                            have otherwise disappeared

        Background Investigations                                                 Estate Services
            Financial                                                                                 Appraisals 
            Asset Searches                                                                       Inventory
            Employment                                                                            Triage

        Financial Investigations                                                      Witness Interviews                                         
            Embezzlement                                                                     Shopping Service
        Adoption Searches                                                               Notary Public
            22+ years experience, hundreds completed                        

                                                                                                        Skip Tracing
        Difficult Process Services
            We find them after the other's have failed                           Appraisal Services
                                                                                                             Antique and Classic Automobiles
                                                                                                             Damaged and Diminished Value
        Lost Client Location
            Clients that have moved or otherwise cannot be found

McDonald Services

Jim McDonald
1810 74th Street
Windsor Heights, Iowa 50324

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