Pre-purchase Inspections

Is there one special car that you have been searching for? Perhaps even for years? Have you become aware of that car, in the right color, with the right equipment? If the car is a thousand miles away in another state, what do you do? Driving or flying a thousand miles is expensive and time consuming. What if you get there and it’s a rusted hulk that was cleverly photographed? Worse still, what if you buy it sight unseen and a rusted hulk is delivered to your driveway? Then what do you do?

The smart money is on hiring someone in the area where the car is located, who knows cars and is willing and able to go and inspect the car for you.

When I am hired to do a pre-purchase inspection, I put myself in the place of the client. Looking below the surface, at every aspect of the car as if I were purchasing it for myself.

Collector cars are used cars. Whether they are at the top end of the spectrum or the bottom, they are still used cars. Like all used cars, they can possess a multitude of problems, many of which may be artfully camouflaged in photos or otherwise. My goal with each inspection is to give the purchaser the most accurate snapshot of the current state of all aspects of the vehicle. Sometimes taking 100 to 150 photos per inspection.

I inspect each car as if it were something that I was purchasing for myself. My background of working with people is an asset in knowing the right questions to ask. My background with automobiles tells me what to look for. When I am inspecting a car, I am taking a cold hard look at the car itself, not giving a thought to how good I would look driving it!

If you're considering purchasing a car without seeing it in person first, your second best option is to hire a qualified inspector you can trust. Please reach out for pricing or with any questions.